Cabin Cleaning

Cleaning the cabin of an aircraft efficiently is essential to ensuring the on-time departure of the next flight. Decor Aviation cabin-cleaning crews are trained to enter promptly after passengers deplane and to clean the cabin as quickly and thoroughly as possible
Decor Aviation has designed a strategic approach to cabin cleaning. A team member is assigned to each section, or zone, of the plane. Each team member is given a specific duty, such as vacuuming, exchanging pillows, removing trash, cleaning lavatories or restocking the galley. A team leader directs all cleaning assignments, tracks team arrival and departure times and performs a thorough job inspection before turning over the cabin to the airline gate agent.

Supervisors perform random inspections of cabin-cleaning team leaders and crews throughout each day to ensure that the services are performed and completed in the contracted time period.

In the aviation industry, time is of the essence and Decor Aviation is committed to keeping passengers and airlines moving on schedule.