Ramp Service

Ramp services are the most important part of the whole operation of an aircraft and that is why Decor Aviation lays more emphasis on this. Aircraft Ramp handling refers to services on the ramp for an aircraft. It includes loading and unloading of baggage, air cargo and air mail onto the aircraft, and transportation between the aircraft and the passenger terminal, air cargo terminals and the airmail center. In addition, ramp-handling services cover preparation for delivery onto aircraft of bulk baggage and baggage containers, aircraft loading bridge operation, and passenger stairs operation. In addition to this complete cabin cleaning, Toilet and Water services, ULD inventory control and container racking for ULD storage, Interline baggage transfer, Medical passenger hi-lift, Baggage handling unit, Transportation of Passengers, Crew and VIPs, Cargo unit for special handling of perishables, valuables & hazardous cargo are also included..
An experienced and ever growing workforce of 800 staff backs our extensive and well-maintained fleet of vehicles and ground support equipment. This enables quick and efficient Ground Handling of transit and turnaround flights for both passenger and freighter aircraft while ensuring on-time departures and without compromising safety. Safety forms the backbone of Decor Aviation operations.

on the ramp and all staff are appropriately trained and well-versed with the safety procedures required while operating equipment or performing tasks in or near the aircraft. As part of its commitment to customer airlines, Decor Aviation monitors its own performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in line with ISO 9001 standards in addition to internal performance.